Good-Bye Summer Solstice

It’s that time of year when the leaves start to fall off the trees, bears start prepping for hibernation and most signs of life start to disappear for the winter months. Myself included. Anyone who knows me, knows that the minute the temperature gauge drops below 90 I immediately have a scowl on my face. Born a true summer baby, I should be living on a beach in the middle of the Pacific. But, alas - Dallas, TX it is.  So why is it, that these falling temps are putting a smile on my face? 

I have spent the last few months within the three walls of my cube in my own work induced recluse from the world. Aside from a few rare celebrity appearances for baby showers or birthdays, it’s all been about being off the grid. With that light at the end of the tunnel starting to shine bright and strong, it’s beginning to feel more like the night before Christmas.  Santa better watch out, I’ve got enough jolly in me to take out all his little elves and enough job loyalty to take on the workshop myself.  On second thought, let’s leave the toy building to the experts.  

 This year, fall is not going to be a catalyst for my winter wind down.  Nope, it’s going to be sign of life to come.  Oh yes, that means I’m going to read your updated Facebook statuses within minutes of posting. I’m going to be the first to “heart” your Instagram pictures – well, maybe.  No longer will I be going through pages and pages of Perez Hilton trying to get caught up on the latest celebrity scoop.  I’m finally going to stop being “that friend” who always uses work as an excuse to miss out on a good time.  We all know I’m honest enough to just say “I’m feeling lazy” when I don’t want to do something.  OH the things I have to catch up on - TV, movies, friends, books, LIFE! Though, the happiest person may be none other than Jaykishan.  How his patience didn’t run out with my Dr. Freeze personality these last few months may make him Marvel’s newest Ironman.

Anytime I get busy like this - work or personal -  I always tell myself I will not let it consume me.  But, as I’m learning, I’m still a work in progress.  Rome wasn’t built in one day and I definitely have a long way to go.  Until then, I am going to take these little victories and do my little victory dance! 

 The temps are dropping and its creating a smile on my face.

Texting and Driving – A One Act Play

(Because there is no other way to describe this than theatrics)


Jaykishan (notorious for texting and driving with the attitude of “I’m untouchable”)

Payal (worn out from trying to tell her husband to stop his bad habit)

Police Officer (waiting to pounce on guilty party)

Setting: Jaykishan in the driver’s seat of his X5, with phone in hand texting with no care in mind. Payal riding in the passenger seat, annoyed that phone is riding shotgun more than she is.  Police officer in clear view of anyone with two eyes on the road.  


Saturday morning of TX/OU minutes before kickoff.Parking lot of Royal Choptstix in Irving, en route to Twin Peaks.

Act 1:

Jaykishan: (looking up to review mirror) Oh crap, I just got pulled over!

Payal: (eyebrow raised) Better put that phone down

Officer: Sir, the reason I pulled you over today is because you failed to stop at the Stop sign

Jaykishan: Yes sir

 - Officer leaves to go write ticket-                                                                                                 

Jaykishan: (turning to Payal) What stop sign, I didn’t see no stop sign!?!

Payal: Ummm the one that has always been there

Jaykishan: Which one, I don’t’ remember it!

Payal: The one right as your making that turn

Jaykishan: Oh that one…

Payal: You mean your 3rd eye didn’t see it while your other two eyes were texting.

Jaykishan: This is Bhavin’s fault I was texting him

Payal: Right of course, because he told you to run the stop sign so you could text him, Yep, you are right, all his fault.

Jaykishan: But I really was texting him!

Payal: (shakes her head in defeat)

The End. 

Long Distance Friendships

"Oh my gosh Payal, you won’t believe who I just saw!!" There’s nothing more exciting than picking up the phone and hearing your good friend screaming that through the other end! 

New York Fashion Week has been in full force for the last few days and everyday I ask my dear friend/colleague  who is currently working in the Big Apple for any celebrity sightings. No luck…until today that is!

For the last few months, I have absolutely enjoyed living vicariously through her adventures as she takes on the highs and lows from the city that never sleeps.  Today, was more than just hearing about a celebrity sighting.  Today, I didn’t talk to a co-worker or team member, today I really connected with a friend. On a phone. “What a concept” - as she would say.

***I have to interrupt this post for public service announcement***

We really do live in a world where socially connecting via phone is as archaic as writing letters. Yes, Tim Cook just unveiled Apple’s latest and greatest and thankfully the “touch to talk ” feature is still available. Whew! Good to know we have not completely succumbed to communicating via Emails, iMessage and Social Media - #omgarealphone, #omgicanhearyou 

***I will now return you back to my thoughts at hand***

Now that we have established a real conversation took place, I cannot explain in mere words the joy and excitement of talking to Tricia for the remaining 45 minutes of our conversation.  When I can stay on the phone for 45 minutes with any person, you know that’s a real friend.  Once we had caught up on our daily celebrity dish we carried on to every topic essential for a good “catch up”…see below

  • NYC happenings (obviously)
  • Work - even though we do that while at work
  • What to eat for dinner 
  • Shopping
  • Men…pause…I definitely do not recall talking about the NYC dating pool nor my husband… did we miss this
  • Working out - no need for gyms in the Big Apple, just hauling your groceries home works your triceps, biceps, back, legs, quads - you get the idea 

I’m never good at good byes, whether they are in person or on the phone, so once we said “talk to you later” I took a second and just smiled. A smile that explained everything i was feeling at that moment from talking to Tricia - content, full of love and grateful that I have such amazing people in my life.  :)  

When Harry Wed Bansari

No Meg Ryan or Tom Hanks here, just one awesome Longhorn Bride saying “I do” to her Midwestern Groom.  

And so, that brings us to the final epic wedding in our family…for this year that is.  A few weeks back Harry and Bansari tied the knot.  As with every wedding in our family, it was nothing short of an epic event.  My personal favorite highlights below: 

  • It’s not a wedding until you have a Bride vs. Groom flip cup, oh yes, we did and yes Bansari schooled Harry in a heartbeat 
  • Let’s just say our family gave a while new meaning to D.A.R.E - just say NO program - that is all
  • Breaking into the Groom’s room the night before the wedding and taking snap shots in his wedding attire and stealing his shoes - check and check
  • "Baby Bye Bye Bye" - Forget the Harlem Shake or the Cupid Shuffle, it’s not a party until you have a throwback to the classic boy bands…and so…we did
  • Nothing and I mean nothing, warms my heart more than to see a little “Texas Love” in Californiaaa
  • After the Party it’s the hotel lobby…nooo…after the party it’s the 3rd floor conference room of the Radisson.  It’s fair to say this bullet needs it’s own paragraph.  No really, it does.  Why…anything that involves grown boys dancing to Sanedo, doing garba and putting on a table top performance of Diliwale girlfriend has to be in a league all it’s own.  

For the last couple of family weddings, once departure day rolled around it was sad to see everyone leave but the next event was already lined up so there was always something to look forward too.  This time, I did leave with a bit of a heavy heart, I wasn’t sure when I’d get to see my family again. As I always say about our time together, the days are hectic, time is too short, but a good time is always had.  Congrats again to Harry and Bansari! 

Mid Year Review

New Year’s Resolutions are not my thing, but I think it never hurts to pause for a moment and see how 2014 is coming along. And so we have Payal’s Self Assessment.  

I knew I’d be up for some challenges this year when I survived New Year’s Eve on a cruise in the middle of the Bosphorus in Istanbul - sick with food poisoning, green in the face from motion sickness, fever and frozen to the bones.  It’s amazing what you can force your body to endure if you put your mind to it.  - By no means am I saying I’d like such a challenge again, let’s be real, I’m only 5ft tall, barely 100lbs, I may not survive.  

I’ve realized, I’m a bit spunky, goofy and a total child at heart and you know what? I’m totally okay with it.  I’ve learned to stop taking life so seriously, because I’m not a deep in thought melodramatic person. Dramatic - yes - especially when it involves any form of bugs or furry friends but I leave the melodrama to my Soap Operas and Bollywood movies.   I laugh like my 4 year old nephew and have no shame in shopping in the “kids” section of Macy’s.  On what level is ANYONE going to take me seriously…clearly I am not - so why you.

I could really work on trying to grow a little more. I need that extra inch or two so I can stop having to pay for alterations on all my pants. If one must insist - there maybe be some areas for me to work on:

  • Patience has never been my strong point - Thank you Jaykishan for forcing me to learn patience - kicking and screaming that is :) but I am learning it
  • Worry Less - oh yes, this child at heart tends to worry over the most ridiculous things i.e. the other day I passed a person with a flat tire on the road and kept thinking “what if no one stops to help them, will they find a ride home or get help” Yes, I totally could have stopped and lent a helping hand but I’m not trying to make the 5’oclock news headlines for any highway attacks. 
  • Washing my Car -That’s right, I seriously put this on my list of areas to improve.  For as long as I can remember, my dad always taught me to keep a clean car.  We keep our homes clean and organized why should our car be any different. I may not have the newest or flashiest model car around but there is a pride in a clean car that goes far beyond just shiny tires and spotless windows. So yes, I need to wash my car more often.  
  • I asked Jaykishan for this bullet point - he stated - I need to not let my emotions build up until I become my own version of Mt. Helen. Soooo I suppose when I’m upset, I should just let it out, instead of letting all that lava build up. He’s probably saying this for his own safety but we’ll take it into consideration :)   

But in all seriousness, I could really really use the extra inch or two in height, I really must stop being on a first name basis with the local tailor. 

Aside from my personal assessment, 2014 has been wonderful to date.  I’ve travelled a bit, seen hard work pay off in the office space, avoided any serious illnesses and had good times with family and friends.  Anything more and I’d be getting a little selfish.